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Do homeopaths ever retire? Well, it has taken ten years since I closed my practice but I really have done it now. I have finished my consultancy, seminars and college teaching.

Until or unless my life changes again, I have reduced this website to leave you with just a few resources you might find useful.

Farewell for now to all my patients, students and colleagues. I have always loved working with you.



September 2015

At last, an opportunity has arisen to publish what homeopaths have known for years – that some of the negative research into homeopathy is biased.   The only professor of complementary medicine in the world has spent the last twenty years making life hard for us but now another professor has reviewed his work and pronounced, ‘I’ve never seen a science writer who was so obviously biased as Edzard Ernst.’  (see http://www.homeopathy.at/betruegerische-studien-um-homoeopathie-als-wirk.)

I believe that Professor Hahn’s paper is one of the most important things to happen for homeopathy in a very long time. He is a very reputable non-homeopath scientist who has examined some negative research results and found them to be biased because they ‘rely on extensive invalidation of studies, adoption of virtual data, or inappropriate statistical methods’. (see http://www.karger.com/Article/Pdf/355916).

And this is the excellent Homeopathy Heals Me website which includes the text of a letter I had published in The Independent newspaper in June 2015

On my Publications page you will find another letter printed in What Doctors Don't Tell You, September 2015.